What is tantra massage?

12 November, 2014 (13:31) | Beijing blog | By: admin

Tantra massage is about touch, trust and tenderness, with energy being the fuel. Touch heals, transforms and nourishes the body and soul as it reconnects your mind and your body. It may become a medi – tation of sensation and a form of prayer.Sensual and Erotic Massage
Tantra massage is intuitive and eclectic, may incorporate mindfulness, meditation and ritual, and is personalized and honor – ing of your body’s wisdom. Many practi – tioners include sound therapy, aroma – therapy, acupressure, reflexology, visual – ization, breathwork or sensate focus. In a tantra massage, there may also be the intent to clear and energize the chakra system, or allow healing from trauma.
Massage offers you an opportunity to fully surrender into receiving, with no recipro – cation, and for some, that is a challenge.
The act of surrender offers precious gifts:ª it allows for more total relaxation ª it brings an opportunity to experience more of your yin, or receptive energy ª it supports your full presence ª it relieves you of performance goals
Your body and spirit will become more receptive of these gifts with each tantric massage, and you may be surprised to notice positive changes in other areas of your life.

With beijing┬ámassage and pleasuring, heart energy trumps technique, and intuition trumps learned knowledge. Trust your intuition and go with the flow. Do not strive to follow a set routine. If you become concerned about your touch technique, visualize loving energy emerging from your heart, flowing through your right arm and hand and into your partner’s body. Now visualize their energy entering your left hand, traveling up your left arm and into your heart, where it merges with your heart energy. Let this energy flow through your right arm and into your partner’s body. Now you have created a circuit of heart energy.
Energy is much more powerful and effective when it flows in a circuit, rather than as a one-directional arrow. Make an intention to access your heart energy with each breath.

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