Sleeping / Paid Sex in Beijing Hotels

5 April, 2014 (10:30) | Beijing blog | By: admin

You might notice a card by the telephone in your hotel room advertising ‘massage’ (ànmó ). There usually really are massage services available, but there are also prostitutes. They’ll come up to your room and you can expect to pay anything from 300-800Y for sex.
Exactly what you get varies from place to place. Some hotels have a “standard prostitute service” where they’ll give you a hot and cold water treatment and a blow job before sex, others just strip off, lie down and wait for you to finish. Anal is almost never on the menu and you might well find you know more positions than she does.Also,You can book a beijing escort girl or beijing massage girl to you hotel.

escort-himIf you call the number wanting a prostitute you’ll need to say ‘wǒ yào xiăojiĕ ’ and tell them your room number. Payment is in cash up front.
As Beijing is a “clean” city, a lot of hotels also will stop you or your “guest” from time to time, if you like to take your girl friend up to your room. The official regulation is, that no guest on the room (who are not registered) after 10:30 pm. So most time no problem, if you come before that time, but some hotels even will check, if your guest left in time (but only very less).
Girl Friendly Hotel List
As we know, the following hotels should have no problem with girls in the room (at least when you arrive before 10:30 pm):
Crown Plaza Yun Nan
Crowne Plaza Zhong Guan Chuan
Crown Plaza Wu Zhou,
Hilton Beijing
Renaissance Beijing
Renaissance Capital Beijing
Grand Hyatt
Westin Financial Street
Westin Chao Yang
Sheraton Dong Cheng
Grand Mercure Beijing Central.
Traders Hotel
Jade Garden Hotel
JW Marriott Beijing
Novotel San Yuan Qian
Novotel Xin Qiao
Ibis San Yuan Qiao
Yan Shan Hotel
Beijing International Hotel
China National Convention Centre Grand Hotel
Novotel Xin Qiao
Hotels, where you will get problems with your Girl
Landmark Hotel
Sheraton Great Wall
Howard Johnson Paragon
Hilton Wang Fu Jin
Novotel Peace Hotel
Red Wall Hotel
Tip: Most bigger Hotels also have a public area on other levels for restaurant, hotel, bar or coffee. If they check guest on the lobby levels, there is still a big chance for the girl to go up to the restaurant first, than use the elevator from here (most time here will be no security guard).
Tip: You should care a little bit for the outfit of the girl. If you stay in a high level hotel and the girl is dressed very “low level”, the risk to get trouble will rise up a lot. So in worst case invest some RMB for a nice dress for her and rise up your chance for real fun later.

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