Craigslist secrets exposed: Prostitution in the dating ads

11 January, 2015 (14:12) | Beijing blog | By: admin

beijing escortIf you think ordering Craigslist to take out the Adult Services section will end prositution ads on the site…think again. The dating section has always had it’s share of adult services available. You just have to recognize the code language. A recent review of the site revealed these details.
Sometimes the title will contain the clue. A common trick is the use of the $ symbol in a name or word. For instance, $exy $indy in town looking for dates. Another clue would be the use of the word ‘generous’. It might read, Pretty female looking for generous men to date. Any use of the words cross-dresser, TV, she-male, TS and others are also hints that this might be an escort advertising services.
The subject may also contain clues and can be very creative. Any reference to dating or spending money is typically a hint that this is an escort ad. “Two girlfriends looking for dates” means two escorts looking for customers. Requests asking for a message in order to receive a message with details means you will receive rates and information after your first contact. A good rule of thumb for customers of the dating section is; if it seems to good to be true, it’s probably an escort.
If all else seems above board, the picture is worth a thousand…dollars. Escort photographs typically seem either too professional and too pretty or amateur…on purpose. Most attractive women don’t take suggestive photographs in Victoria’s Secret underwear and then post the pics on the internet.
Some of these girls/guys and companies have become pretty savvy and you won’t know until you get a return e-mail with instructions. Others are overly confident, possibly due to lack of enforcement, and their ads are obvious. I have even seen ads from ladies asking for men to have sexual encounters but only if they bring a large dog with them. Whatever the case, these ads exist and exist in the dating section of Craigslist as well as your local yellow pages.
Censoring Craigslist’s Adult Services section only increased the business of escort agencies and pimps. Small time escorts used Craigslist and were able to do so without the constrainst of a pimp. Escorts and prostitution will continue and find a way to advertise no matter how many times you try to censor them.
The answer is to legalize and regulate the industry. There is no other answer that will eliminate the pimps, corrupt police officers, organized crime, human trafficking and the horrors that go along with the industry. Additionally this will generate ‘legal’ income for cities and states.
Most prostitutes are victims of abuse themselves. Continuing in the industry is a continuance of the abuse at the hands of pimps and customers. Please volunteer to help these women and men by contacting HALT, your local Rape Crisis Center, Children of the Night, DEPDC, The Human Trafficking Project, the Doctors for Life Prostitution Outreach program or any local project.


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