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5 March, 2014 (10:46) | Beijing blog | By: admin

To all those in China, There are some tips for you in terms of maximizing your Rmb to get the most vag for it.

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1) If you know mandarin, use it. Ask the mama to recommend you someone, some don’t as it is against the policy of pushing customers to certain girls. When they do, ask for the one who trains the girls in whoredom. You might not be attracted to the girl, but she will do the most, deepthroat, etc positions, and most importantly of all know how to get you off. Every girl slacks off somewhere but usually the trainer is an experienced one that really likes sex.

2) You get what you paid for, seldom do you find a diamond in coal; you are more likely to get coal. Don’t expect Macau for 400 rmb in some third/second or even first tier cities in china. You are more likely to get what you paid for, and just like hookers in the world for the right price bareback is on the table. A 400 rmb girl may be tempted to go bareback for an extra 200 rmb. and it will be a bad news to you if you want to go cheap.

3) Use condoms that you trust. Most punters who punt really don’t care about knocking a girl up, but care about getting a std. There are fake condoms in china! Use something that is real and trusted, above all better feeling than generic doms that the girls provide. Here is an example, Friend bought a fake branded condom, it broke in the middle of the bang bang!!! His mushroom head totally was exposed through a huge hole at the tip! He was freaked out, the girl was freaked out, but we had a huge laugh the next day when he told us. Funny as hell after the fact, but totally a nightmare for him.

4) Act friendly, they are girls before hookers. Just because you paid your xxx doesn’t mean she will like it. She will only let you stick it in and do your thing. Treat the girls well and you will be treated well. Bargain with the mama never with the girl.

5) Use technology, for those who have andriod/ios try the momo app. It is the hottest flirting app in china and hookers use it to reach customers, set your profile to say what you want and the girls will message you with etc info.

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