Beijing Massage ? The Gift of Receiving

23 March, 2015 (10:13) | Beijing blog | By: admin

Beijing massage reminds women that they are worthy of the gift of receiving. Women are so thoroughly trained to be givers that they often forget the joy of receiving pleasure.

Women, like men, need moments when they can focus on themselves and their feelings of pleasure without inhibition or fear. Many women carry heavy loads of negative past sexual experiences. Beijing massage helps release and balance the negative past with a very strongly positive present.

Beijing massage starts with the therapist talking and relaxing with the woman. The atmosphere is warm, sensual, aromatic and charged with pleasant sexual energy. The focus of the experience is on the woman receiving the massage. Every aspect is created for her pleasure.

When she is ready the therapist will ask the woman to lie down on a comfortable massage table. The therapist will use a light aromatic oil to begin a soothing, stroking massage of the woman’s back and legs. The touch will be firm and strong with long strokes kneading and softening the muscles of the body. As her skin warms and soften, the woman will feel her skin become sensitized to the stroking. Sexual energy will flow between the therapist and the lucky woman.

The therapist never breaks contact with the woman and the energy connection keeps flowing. There is no sense of hurry or of rushing. No one needs to perform, to satisfy, to be cared for. The only reason for any action, the focal point, is the pleasure being enjoyed by the woman.

No part of the body is forbidden or undesirable. The principles of Beijing massage direct the therapist to pay attention to the breasts and nipples. Massaging, squeezing and rubbing them to help the woman experience every possible sensation. Then the therapist will teasingly skim over the belly and pelvis area to stroke the legs and rub the feet. These brushing and stroking movements heighten the feelings of arousal and pleasure for the woman.

The sexual energy is further increased as the therapist moves back up the legs and gently flutters her fingers over the thighs and pubic area. She will build sexual tension and pleasure as she uses rubbing, and probing and flicking movements to tantalize and arouse the clitoris and vagina.

An integral part of Beijing massage is maintaining a safe and accepting atmosphere for the woman to enjoy and experience her sexual feelings with no expectation of a specific reaction or behavior. The goal of Beijing massage is not an orgasm although an orgasm is certainly welcome.

The therapist will act as a companion and knowledgeable guide in the journey of sexual exploration and enjoyment. She listens to the woman and help guide her to whatever pleasure is desired. The most important part of the therapist’s job is to reassure the woman that she is worthy of receiving the gift of pure pleasure.

Beijing massage is a precious moment in time when a woman can focus on herself and happily receive the gift of understanding and acknowledgement of her desires.


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