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French restaurants in Beijing

26 March, 2014 (14:33) | Beijing blog | By: admin

As the capital city of China, Beijing has many restaurants providing different cuisines. For those who enjoy French food or are a little homesick, there are lots of French restaurants for you to go in Beijing. Offering high-quality foods and wines, delightful environment and first-class service, dining in those restaurants is quite enjoyable. Here are […]

Plans for Beijing 5 Days Trip

18 March, 2014 (01:46) | Beijing blog | By: admin

As the capital of China, Beijing boasts many cultural and historical attractions. Most of the visitors don’t have plenty of time to visit them all. You might be thinking about hiring a tour guide but it might cost you a bit, and it might also get you into a scam. So here are the plans […]

Beijing Subway

14 March, 2014 (12:44) | Beijing blog | By: admin

Beijing Subway is the first metro in China. It was planned in 1953 and put into use on October 1 in 1969. With 17 Metro Lines, the Beijing Metro is the busiest urban rail transit system(RTS) in China. Metro Line 1 Beijing Metro Line 1 is mainly located under the Chang’an Street, connecting some important business […]

Top 10 Massage Parlors in Beijing

11 March, 2014 (02:39) | Beijing blog | By: admin

Living in Beijing, the fast-paced lifestyle usually make people tired. To relax your body and mind, massage is a good choice. There are uncountable massage parlors in Beijing, large or small. According to “dianping”( a famous review website in China), 10 massage parlors are recognized as the best in Beijing. Now, let’s have a look […]

China tips and tricks

5 March, 2014 (10:46) | Beijing blog | By: admin

To all those in China, There are some tips for you in terms of maximizing your Rmb to get the most vag for it. 1) If you know mandarin, use it. Ask the mama to recommend you someone, some don’t as it is against the policy of pushing customers to certain girls. When they do, […]